About Gerald P. Dwyer

Picture of me I currently am a Professor of Economics and BB&T Scholar at Clemson University. Until June 2012, I was at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta as the Director of the Center for Financial Innovation and Stability and Vice President. I was in the Research Department and was in charge of the Finance Team for most of my time there. I also am an adjunct professor at the University of Carlos III in Madrid and Trinity College in Dublin and have been a professor most of my career.

My vitae contains a complete list of my publications and other professional activities. Clemson University has a biography on its web site.

I had the good fortune to be a student at the University of Chicago while Milton Friedman was on the faculty, plus he was my dissertation chair. I also have had the good fortune to be asked a couple of times to write papers about him. I wrote a piece on “Milton Friedman as a Teacher” that was published in a book with articles by his students. I also wrote a piece on “Milton Friedman: A Bayesian?” which will be published in a book in the next year or so.

Besides the picture on this page, there is a picture of me in Hawaii with a couple of babes

Sailing is an interest of mine. I read a lot and I have written a survey of selected sailing books.

My wife and I started sailing about fifteen years ago, I want to be a good sailor and I would like to have my own boat. While I do not yet have a boat, I have learned a lot about sailing by reading quite a few books and feel very comfortable chartering in the Caribbean. I should mention that we took hands-on classes; I didn’t just read about sailing, hop on a boat and take off. (That would be imprudent, and I like to think that I am prudent, although maybe impulsive.)

Reading about Sailing and Buying A Sailboat” is a summary of several magazines and books related to buying a sailboat. Reading magazines also has been part of my extended process of learning to sail and buying a boat, so I include a discussion of magazines as well as books. I hope the page will point you to some good reading and maybe save you some time and money on books of little value to you. I hope to update it periodically, although I haven’t done so in a while because of professional and personal obligations. If you find it useful, let me know.