Jerry Dwyer and Babes in Hawaii

A picture of me and two of my sisters

This was taken a few years ago — okay, quite a few years ago — when I lived in Hawaii.
The one on my left still can make that face.
Jeanne complained that I didn't mention that she is my sister.
    Maybe she was making that face when she said it?
Janet evidently didn't care when this picture was taken and I think she is just as unconcerned now.
My youngest sister, Joanne, wasn't even born when this picture was taken or I’d have yet another babe on my arms.

A graduate student at Clemson wanted to see the other babe too. Below is a picture of all four of us in the Philippines.
This picture doesn’t have the same casual tropical feel as the Hawaiian picture, but the Philippines definitely is tropical and was a great place to live for a year and a half.

A picture of me and my sisters